Our Vision

To be a leader company in creating outstanding quality and professional manner in the steel pipe and service industry. Strengthen the engagement of customers and stakeholders. Delivering innovations and value creations for sustainable growth.

Corporate Culture

The essential identities of the organisation which becoming as a corporate culture are analysis of activities, processes to operate efficiently. Moreover, CCM also applied the risk management at the organizational level including quality monitoring and evaluating on the stage of production. Applying these various approaches make CCM to be the heart of operation system, learning center which leads to continuous improvement.

Brand Mission

  1. Increasing market share by using strategy of customer extension.
  2. Having a solid raw materials sources and high quality to meet the customer needs.
  3. Developing the production planning system, analyzing all relevant datains in order to benefit the organisation by selecting the most efficient resources.
  4. Improving the product quality, modernizing production processes and services s well as environmentally friendly
  5. Reducing production costs continuously.
  6. Merging the advanced technology with the production process.
  7. Listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand within the year 2021.