Hot-Dip Galvanized Pipe

Hot dip galvanized steel pipe (HDG)has been dipped in a protective galvanized or zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. Additional, there are three mainly tinges; yellow tinge represents as BS-S, blue tinge represents as BS-M, red tinge represents as BS-H and green tinge for special type.

Hot dip galvanized pipe is a round steel pipe coated with galvanized. It started by using hot-rolled coil through the process of slitting, forming pipes, then dipping into galvanized bath which consisting of a minimum of 98.5% pure molten zinc. The bath temperature is maintained at about 450 C°. In general, the thickness of the zinc coating is at least 320 gm/m² and will be increased according to the thickness of the metal (Based Metal)
The specification of hot dip galvanized steel pipe are resistance to atmospheric corrosion and rust, electrochemical and physical protection. This steel pipe is used for widely variety of applications that require advanced corrosion protection, for instance, outdoor near the sea, irrigation pipe, water pipe, and electrical application. Moreover, it also can be used for flower-pot hangers in the nursery and structural forming works that required high durability, ease for installation, and prevent corrosion of the steel.
The Scope Of Work for Hot-Dip Galvanized Pipe
• OD : ½” – 8”
• Thickness : 1.4 – 8.1 mm
• Pipe Type : Smooth Edge & Threaded Edge
• Coated : Galvanizing
Industrial Standard

  • BS 1139
  • TIS 277-2532
  • ASTM A53 Type E Grade A and Grade B
  • DIN 2440
  • JIS G3452
  • BS 1387:1985
  • UL 852 Standard for Safety for Metallic Sprinkler Pipe for Fire Protection Service
  • BS EN 10255

Production Process