Lip-Channel Steel

Lip channel steel is considered one of the structural steel that made from hot rolled coil. It is manufactured to be used as a building structure which aims to make the construction work faster comparing with another material as a concrete. Moreover, the structures that used this lip channel steel are more wider and lighter weight. As a result, it probably reduce costs and working time.

The appearance of lip channel steel has a C-shaped cross section. The manufacturing process started by rolling the steel sheet, then folding and cutting into a C-shape. In addition, this product is manufactured using extrusion technology and standard quality control. As a result, our products have a high durability and easy to install because of the appropriate standard size. So, the users can use our products safely and confidently.
Lip channel steel has cross-section sizes from 60 to 250 millimeters and thicknesses from 1.6 to 4.5 millimeters. The general length is 6 meters.


Suitable for all types of construction projects that requires strength and durability, such as industrial factory structures, bridges, high-rise buildings, solar farm structures or can be made into a roof and support columns for light weight

Industrial Standard

  • TIS 2817-2562 Cold-formed coated structural steel sections for general structure
  • TIS 1228-2561 Cold-formed structural steel sections for general structure
  • JIS G 3350-2005 Mostly specifies the Light gauge steel sections for general structure