Pre-Zinc Pipe

Pre-Zinc pipe, also known as GI, produced from galvanized steel sheets through the slitting into the required strip’s sizes, rolling into a pipe shape, and then welding the seams in a straight line by using Electric Arc Welding (ERW). In most cases, this type of pipe is used for light structures, interior designs, and low corrosion area.

This process is used the galvanized steel coil to form the pipe and spray on the outer welding. Usually, the thickness of zinc coating is between 8.4 - 14 microns and the tension is between 270 - 300 N/mm²
The Specification of Pre-zinc Steel Pipe

  • Light weight, corrosion resistant on primary level. Therefore, this steel pipe is commonly used for indoor areas where the corrosion is not very high.
  • Save time and labor due to it’s no need to paint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The surface of the pipe is smooth, consistent, glossy
  • Not recommended to use for transport liquid; water supply

Industrial Standard

  • TIS 107-2561
  • JIS

Production Process